Our Story

We have been lucky enough to travel to Belgium many times over the last five years and of course the beer was always a highlight. With each experience and new beer we wanted to come home and share what we had found. During our travels we met so many people who were passionate about their beer and its history and built great friendships. So we decided to launch The Belgian Beer Huis and bring Belgium to you…

Many times we said “this is the best beer yet!”, but there were always others! We want to give you, your family and friends the opportunity to explore at your own pace, savour every drop and discover your next “best beer”.

Beer isn’t just about the four key ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast but the care, innovation and tradition that goes into creating your next beer. It is our mission to make Belgian’s finest beer more accessible to you and delivered with care to your door.

The Belgian Beer Huis isn’t about replacing your visits to the pub with a cheaper alternative, but enjoying something different, locating that beer that you have always wanted to try and sharing your experiences with your friends, family and the growing Beer Huis community.

We look forward to sending you your first case from the Belgian Beer Huis.


Mark & Kelly