Bush Blonde Tripel


In this tripel, the in-bottle re-fermentation has given an intense effervescence to the aromas of the Bush Blonde. The re-fermentation has also sympathetically developed the Blonde's well-rounded, tender character.

  • ABV: 10.5%
  • Bottle Size: 750ml


To mark the 75 year anniversary of the Bush beer brand, Dubuisson introduced the Bush Blonde Triple in 2008. This re-fermented Bush Blonde is available in large bottles (75 cl) that are rather gorgeously decorated, and nicely topped off with a champagne cork.

A triple like this is a heavy, high-fermentation beer, that has undergone re-fermenting in the bottle. Both malty tastes and hop bitters are well developed, but still light and balanced. Most noticeable here is the relatively high alcohol level, and the greater level of carbonation.

The in-bottle re-fermentation allows the Bush Blonde Triple to retain, and enhance, the characteristics of a strong blonde beer – a splendid collar of froth, fine pearlisation, a natural cloudiness, with a rounded taste and tender character.


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